Equipment Size Guide

Choosing the correct equipment for you child is very important for their safety and pleasure, doing this can sometimes be a little daunting, don’t let it be;

At Mars Cricket we do our best to help in every way, so please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] and ask our experts for as much help and advice you need or alternatively we have highlighted below things to take into consideration when making your purchase. Many of the items available have individual sizing for you to choose from.

Do not worry if the item you have chosen is the incorrect size we will replace or refund the item as long as it is return to us in accordance with our returns policy.

Bat Sizes

Choosing the correct bat for each player is incredibly important, to ensure the young player reaches his/her full potential. Junior bats come in many sizes to accommodate a player’s height and strength. The weight of the bat is very important as a too heavy a bat could hinder development and technique.

See the table below for Junior Bat size guidance

Bat SizeApprox AgeHeight of BatsmanBat LengthBat Width
14-5to 4’3″25 1/4″3 1/2″
26-74’3″ – 4’6″27 3/4″3 1/2″
384’6″ – 4’9″28 3/4″3 3/4″
49-114’9″ – 4’11”29 3/4″3 3/4″
510-124’11” – 5’2″30 3/4″4″
611-135’2″ – 5’6″31 3/4″4″
Harrow12-145’6″ – 5’9″32 3/4″4 1/6″
Full SH15+5’9″ – 6’2″33 1/2″4 1/4″
Full LH15+over 6’2″34 3/8″4 1/4″


Both Batting and Keeping gloves should be a good comfortable fit. Use the chart below as a guide to the size required. Measure the hand from the tip of the longest finger to the wrist. And remember LH (left handed) or RH (right handed) for batting gloves.

To FitLength
Small boys165mm
Large Mens225mm


Batting and keeping pads. The size of pads can vary slightly from range to range, but the following will give you an indication of the size you require. Measure the length between the top of your instep and the middle of your knee cap.

To FitLength
Small boys30-32cm
Large Mens44-48cm

Clothing Size Guide